When It Comes to Income, What Difference Does College Make?

Written July 19th, 2010
Categories: Career Interests, Income
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The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Census Bureau answered that question based upon data obtained in 2008. If you go to the link below and scroll all the way to the bottom, you will discover that the “Mean Income,” or the average income, of nearly 200,000 Americans, is directly related to their level of education. The highest average income falls under the “Professional Degree” (e.g. attorneys). The second highest average is listed under “Doctorate Degree,” (e.g. a Ph.D. who teaches at a private university). The difference in income between those with a high school education and those having an Associate’s Degree is nearly $10,000 a year, and their income continually increases as the level of education increases.

Please review the chart and determine how taking your education to the next level may increase your income. Click here to pull up the chart.


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