Can’t Find a Parking Space?

Community Colleges continue to find creative ways to expand their availability.  In a previous post (“Need Flexibility?” 2.1.10), I listed how Community Colleges were scheduling midnight and early morning classes to accommodate the growing student population.

A recent article in “The Chronicle of Higher Education” details the efforts of Wake Technical Community College to meet the needs of its community by holding afternoon classes.  The article states: “Open only to recent high-school graduates who intend to attend full time and transfer to four-year institutions, the program will guarantee admission to required courses and allow for three-day weekends.”  What this means is, the morning and evening classes that were accommodating the Non-Traditional Student’s (NTS) work and family obligations were congested with traditional students.  This change alleviates the congestion allowing more availability for the NTS.

If you had planned to take a class, but were discouraged by waiting lists and parking problems, check with your local Community College and see if there have been any recent changes.  They are doing their best to help you with your decision to return to school!

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