Saving a Dream (Success Stories Series)

(Reprinted from North Shore Community College Alumni Profiles, retrieved 5.22.11)

Bola Fayoda

Liberal Arts Class of 2005

NSCC  [North Shore Community College, Beverly, MA] alum Bola Fayoda came to America with dreams of becoming a doctor. A friend suggested if medicine was truly his calling, Massachusetts was the place to go and North Shore Community College was the place to start. For Bola, it was great advice.

Enrolling in NSCC’s Liberal Arts Program to take advantage of the College’s transfer benefits, Bola Fayoda carried a full course-load while working full-time. In 2005, Bola earned an Associate’s Degree from NSCC, graduating with honors. From there, Bola transferred his credits to Salem State College and entered the Biology program as a junior with added minors in both Chemistry and Philosophy. Two years later, Bola graduated Magna Cum Laude and, in September 2009, Bola Fayoda started medical school. What was once a dream to become a physician is now a career goal within reach.

Bola found inspiration and motivation throughout his stay at NSCC, but singled out NSCC’s TRiO program and Student Support & Advising Centers. “When I arrived in the US, I had no friends…. I want to personally say thank you to the entire staff of TRiO for their sincerity, as well as unending support throughout my educational career at NSCC. In fact, TRiO is responsible for where I am today and, if not for them, I may not have had a chance to become a medical student this soon.”

Bola also remembers his daily stop in the Student Support & Advising Center to see Peter Monaco, NSCC’s Transfer Counselor. “Peter saw me through my struggling days–he saved me in every way a young man trying to latch on to his dream could be saved.” Bola said the support, information and advice he got from those visits paid off for him not only at NSCC, but also in transferring to Salem State College. By spending his first two years at NSCC, Bola was able to cut the cost of getting a Bachelor’s Degree in half. He also strongly advises students to seek out and use the services available to them at NSCC. “As students, we tend to take things for granted and don’t realize support is there to make our lives better.”


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