Keeping Things Running (Success Stories Series)

(Reprinted from New Mexico State University Alumni Spotlight Archives, 2010, Dona Ana Community College)



Jay Armijo was raised in Sierra County and brings a home-town perspective and passion to his position as executive director for the South Central Council of Governments. Having worked for several state agencies, two councils of government, and as a County Commissioner Jay has worked directly with all thirty-three New Mexico counties helping to provide services to Veterans, Senior Citizens, small businesses, and communities that lack adequate infrastructure.

Jay attended the Dona Ana Community College [Las Cruces, NM] Automotive Technology program and graduated in 1988. He has worked in the automotive industry as a technician as well as owning and operating his own automotive repair business. Jay currently holds ASE and General Motors Certifications and attributes his passion for diagnosing and repairing vehicles as the key element that gives him an exceptional ability to facilitate solutions to challenges facing communities.



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