What’s New?

by Carolyn Babcock, Ph.D.


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Welcome to the revamped “You Can Do College” site!  As you can see, several changes have been made to make it more accessible.  After all, the site is about you and for you!

Which got me thinking about revamping and revising …

When it comes to education, colleges and universities are in a constant state of having to “think ahead.”  They must anticipate your needs this year, next year and five years from now.  As technology changes, so must classrooms and courses.  Colleges are trying to help you prepare for a new life that will probably be rooted in your education.  Therefore, they must be forward thinking.

Are you keeping pace with colleges?  What’s new with you?  Are you revamping and revising your life?  Are you thinking ahead?  Are you preparing yourself for an interesting future?

Many colleges and universities are beginning their new academic year this week.  There’s always a crackle of excitement in the halls, the classrooms and the bookstore.  There is a sense of anticipation, sort of like New Year’s Eve – because it is a new year – an academic new year.  The atmosphere of a college campus is alive with possibility.

If you have never experienced the excitement of an academic new year, now is the time.  Although some schools are beginning classes right now, others will kick off over the next month.  You still have time to enroll in that dream course you have been thinking about.  And, even if you don’t enroll, maybe you can take a stroll around the campus of your local community college.  The excitement might just rub off on you!

So, there are a lot of new things going on:  a new blog site for “You Can Do College,” a new academic year, new plans for the future – and maybe even a new you!


(Note:  Many thanks to PepperStation for their ideas and changes to this site!)


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