Taking Off Your Mask

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by Carolyn Babcock, Ph.D.

It is fall.  It is late October.  That means that soon children, and children wannabes (also known as “adults”) will don their masks and costumes and head on out the door in pursuit of treats.  Now is the time you have waited for – to be able to be someone else, if only for a little while.

This gave me pause.  I wonder if, in fact, it is not the other way around?  I wonder how many people go through their lives wearing the masks they felt they were destined to wear – whether by culture or family or education?  You may find yourself waiting for the end of the day, and the end of the week, so that you may remove your mask of “responsibility” and go outdoors and “play,” as you bicycle, hike or play games with your kids.  Maybe you pursue your other hobbies, such as research, reading, or writing the “next great American novel.”  Maybe in those hobbies lies the real you.

Perhaps it is when you are immersed in your creative project that you truly feel like you, for it is during these week-ends of “escape” that you actually feel unencumbered by the restraints of the workaday world.   You feel free to design those parts of your life that seem to complete who you are.

If this is true for you, then it may be time to think about allowing yourself to enjoy the fruits of the week-end all week long.  This is to say, why not pursue that which makes you so happy, feel so complete, feel so like you?  Why take your mask off only on the week-ends?

You assume many roles throughout your life.  You are a father and a son, a mother and a daughter, an employee or an employer, a customer, a driver, and so on.  However, there are those roles that speak to the heart of who you are.  That role could be a writer, or sculptor, or tailor, or photographer, or yogi – professions that are not merely roles, but reflect your artistic soul.  You find that you are your best self when you have allowed yourself to immerse within the waters of your creativity.

Start now.  Remove your everyday mask – and become you.


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