Job Hunters

Higher Education is “Hot in Cleveland”!

by Dr. Mark Giuliano

Why Cleveland Rocks

Looking for a job with great pay and future security? Don’t want to miss out on America’s economic recovery? Then a post-high school education should be a part of your plan. Take a look at what is happening in Cleveland, Ohio right now.

It’s no coincidence that today Cleveland is considered America’s comeback city.  Huge investments and developments in higher education, and students willing to capitalize on them,  have helped Cleveland garner such accolades as the Nation’s Medical Capital, Top 10 Metro Region for Economic Recovery in the U.S. (49th internationally) and Number Two for Growth in Manufacturing jobs.

The Nation’s Medical Capital

Cleveland’s growing prominence as the nation’s hub for medical research and treatment has driven-up the demand for high-tech workers throughout North East Ohio.  And it’s not just physicians who are needed but skilled medical professionals. The demand for technicians and medical assistants to billing specialist and health care managers are energizing schools like Cleveland State University (CSU) and Cuyahoga Community College (TRI-C) to offer a bevy of world class health care and medical technology courses and programs, as well as offer grants and other funding opportunities to motivated students.

The renowned Cleveland Clinic, Metro-Health, and University Hospitals and the health care industry in general account for the second largest gross regional product (GDR) in North East Ohio, and one of the highest industries for employment.  Whether it’s a specialty certification, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, post-high school training is the key to unlocking a career in health care today.

High-Tech Manufacturing Jobs in the City that Rock and Roll Built

Not to be outdone by the medical industry, however, manufacturing is still the largest contributor to the GDR and it is partially responsible for the recent rise in employment levels in North East Ohio.  In 2010, Cleveland added another 4900 manufacturing jobs to the region.  A GED or high school diploma isn’t going to put you into one of these high-paying professions, however.  New manufacturing jobs in Cleveland tend to be to be of the high-tech variety.  In fact, the term “job” may not even fit anymore. The needs in manufacturing are for professionals who hold “occupations” – high-tech machine and computer operators, for example, or bio-medical designers, engineers and manufacturers.

In part, post-high school education is driving Cleveland’s economic success and growing standard of living.   It should be driving yours, too!

Mark Giuliano is the Senior Pastor of the Old Stone Church on Public Square and is a member of the Downtown Cleveland Improvement Corporation. He blogs at

Where to start finding your niche …

Missouri Western State University has a “Career Interest Game” on their site. This “game” helps a prospective student get an idea about what s/he might be interested in for a major and, possibly, a career. It is a simplified adaptation of “The Party Exercise” from the best-selling book on career choices, “What Color is Your Parachute?”

If you are not sure where to start, the “Career Interest Game” is a good place to begin brain-storming with yourself! Click here to go to Missouri Western’s site.

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