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President Obama Speaks to Hudson Valley Community College

In September 2009, President Obama addressed an audience of students, faculty and civic leaders at Hudson Valley Community College in upstate New York. In his speech, he emphasized the important role of the Community College in training students for jobs in a changing economy. In addition, he asserted his full support for education at every entry level. He has enlisted the help of Jill Biden, a Community College instructor for 30 years (and wife of Vice-President Joe Biden) to travel the nation to encourage Americans to take advantage of the availability of Community Colleges. He reaffirmed his commitment to increase enrollment in Community Colleges by 5 million Americans within the next decade. President Obama calls this commitment the “American Graduation Initiative.”

Click here to view full speech (Note: President Obama’s speech begins at approximately 6 minutes into the 32 ½ minute video.)

To view the announcement of the “American Graduation Initiative” that directly impacts enrollment at Community Colleges nationwide, click here